Thursday, December 25, 2014

Auburn - MistleToe (Justin Bieber Cover)

Apple Reportedly Declined Offer From Sony Pictures to Stream 'The Interview' on iTunes

Apple reportedly declined an offer form Sony Pictures to stream the controversial film "The Interview" on iTunes. According to The New York Times, Apple showed no interest to stream the film, especially with the speedy time table Sony was requesting.

It remained unclear, however, whether any on-demand service would take “The Interview.” According to people briefed on the matter, Sony had in recent days asked the White House for help in lining up a single technology partner — Apple, which operates iTunes — but the tech company was not interested, at least not on a speedy time table. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

"The Interview" has become a highly-anticipated film after it was cancelled by Sony Pictures. Hackers (presumably with ties to North Korea) breached Sony's internal systems and leaked terabytes of data. Additionally, the hackers threatened any theater that participated in the movie's release, which was slated for December 25 -- Christmas Day; however, Sony changed its plans and is now releasing the film in online, through its website, and some theaters.

The movie depicts two journalists (James Franco and Seth Rogen) that travel to North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

Auxo 3 iOS8

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thai - Passion ft. V8

AutoFreeRam (IOS 8)

Would you like AutoFreeRam (IOS 8) on your iDevice? This tweak is pretty useful for your iPhone performance :

1. add to your Cydia Sources

2. Install AutoFreeRam

3. You can find its configuration in setting > AutoFreeRam

4. Everytime you close every running app in your AppSwitcher, an amount of RAM will be released to gain more RAM to your iDevices.


You can install this theme from repo :
1. Add this repo in your Cydia
2. Search for ELEV7N iOS8 PINK and install 
3. Go to setting > Winterboard > Select the theme
4. Enjoy.

How to identify iPhone GSM or CDMA

Here following is the official list of iPhone GSM and CDMA from Apple :

For those of you who still wondering what is GSM and CDMA (GLOBAL) Here is the description from wiki :

. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications, originally Groupe Spécial Mobile), is a standard developed by theEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe protocols for second-generation (2G) digital cellular networks used by mobile phones. As of 2014 it has become the default global standard for mobile communications - with over 90% market share, operating in over 219 countries and territories

. CDMA (Code division multiple access) is a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies.

CDMA is an example of multiple access, which is where several transmitters can send information simultaneously over a single communication channel. This allows several users to share a band of frequencies (see bandwidth). To permit this without undue interference between the users, CDMA employs spread-spectrum technology and a special coding scheme (where each transmitter is assigned a code).

CDMA is used as the access method in many mobile phone standards such as cdmaOne, CDMA2000 (the 3G evolution of cdmaOne), and WCDMA (the 3G standard used by GSM carriers), which are often referred to as simply CDMA.


Currently on iOS 8 you cannot request USSD for your balance with the iPhone which is unlocked by using GEVEY Sim or GPP, Luckily there is a workaround for that :

1. Add this repo in your Cydia
2. Search for this program Fix USSD iOS 8.x (ទ្រនាប់សីុម)
3. Click Install and Confirm
4. Reboot your device and try to request the USSD for your balance

If the above method is not working for you try this following instead :

This guide will help you to use USSD code for iPhone unlocked by sim interposer .
1. Goto Cydia to install iFile .
2. add this repo
3. install CommCenter Patch iOS8 . ( if you got "size mismatch error" , use this repo instead "" ) .
4. Open iFile --> browse to /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Default.bundle/
5. Click on carrier.plst and select "Viewer PList" .
6. Turn ON "SupportsSupplementaryServices" , click Done .
7. Reboot your iPhone .

Friday, December 12, 2014

LinkStore for iOS8

LinkStore for iOS8 Allows you to download and install Paid app in the AppStore !

Instruction :

1. Install LinkStore for iOS8  from the Cydia

2. Go to AppStore and search for any App you would like to install

3. Click on the LinkStore icon after that the App will be installing...

4. Enjoy !

Note : Not all the Paid App are cracked ! the LinkStore will search for the cracked one for you as long as it has been cracked.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Predix Cydia Tweak

Predix Cydia Tweak tell you how long your battery going to die or going to be fully charged.

This is pretty handy, so find out this tweak on cydia.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Apple stop signing 8.1

Apple stop signing iOS 8.1 it means

. You are no longer be able to downgrade to any lower version than 8.1.1

. The chance of jailbreaking your iOS 8.1.1 is running out of time as soon as Apple release iOS 8.2 , so for those of you who are planning to jailbreak your iDevice you need to upgrade your device to iOS 8.1.1 right now which is being able to jailbreak by TaiG before Apple stops signing iOS 8.1.1

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jailbreak Tools for iOS 8.1.1 and 8.2 beta is released

Currently the jailbreak tool only available on windows system to get it done just follow this instruction :

1. Make sure your iDevice is running 8.1.1 if NOT you need to restore from iTunes and you have the latest iTunes

2. Make sure you TURN OFF your Touch ID, Passcode and find my iPhone in your setting

3. Download TaiG form this site

4. Plug your iDevice to your windows + Launch TaiG

5. Once your iDevice has been detected in TaiG software you need to uncheck the bottom checkbox to prevent TaiG AppStore to be installed

6. Click on the green button to process the jailbreak 

7. Obviously your iDevice is jailbroken once you see the Cydia on your springboard, Enjoy !!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

AppHeads Cydia Tweak

AppHeads is an jailbreak tweak that puts a new spin on multitasking is iOS by allowing unique management and live previews of running applications.

iOS 8 Wi-Fi Issues Blamed on Bonjour Over AWDL, WiFried Fix Released in Cydia

The root problem of the poor wifi connection is because there is a bug on Apple using Bonjour over AWDL (Apple's Wireless Direct Link) for AirDrop AirPlay and Gaming Connections on the iOS8. And Apple is going to fix this.

But in the meantime for those of you who has problem with wifi connectivity with iOS8 - 8.1 and don't want to loose your jailbreak, here is a fix :
. Go to cydia and install WiFried

The package will allow you to enable/disable your D2DWiFi/AWDL and can be conveniently turned off/on under the AirDrop settings in Control Center.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

LockSpeed Cydia Tweak

LockSpeed allows you to quickly call some of your favorite contacts at the lockscreen, you just swipe to the left to display your favorite contacts and tap on the contact that you want to call.

Installation :
1. Go to cydia search for LockSpeed
2. Install it
3. Go to setting -> LockSpeed -> Enable 

GridSwitcher Cydia tweak

GridSwitcher allows you to display all of your multitasking switcher cards into multiple rows and columns, simply follow this instruction to get it done :
1. Go to cydia add repo :
2. Search for GridSwitcher and install it
3. Configuring its setting in the setting 

In the screenshot i used 4x4 layout

Note : the skull and bone at the bottom left and right corner is another tweak called KillBackground7, this tweak is pretty useful since it allows you to kill all your running apps at just one click instead of going to close them one by one. this is annoying that apple couldn't learn or make any better than that.

This tweak is not compatible with iOS 8

Pyx iOS8

Pyx bringing some beautiful animations to your multi-tasking switcher

Monday, November 24, 2014

Social Duplicator

Social duplicator let you clone your social media app like facebook, twitter.... as much as you can in one iDevice.

Fix for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 Wi-Fi issues to be released on Cydia soon

Good news, all of you who has problem with wifi connection with iOS 8-8.1, there will be a fix soon on cydia, so stayed tune.... do not upgrade to 8.1.1 which apple claimed to fix all the wifi problem on iPad2 and iPhone 4s if you do not want to loose your jailbreak.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Insert Photos into iOS8 Notes

I've just realized iOS 8 Notes can be embeded with photo, the insertion is simple just tap and hold on your note and then click on Insert Photo button.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to identify iPhone GSM, CDMA, GSM + CDMA

Check the Model no. at the back of your iPhone and verify with these following model numbers :

A1457, A1530 – iPhone 5S (GSM) 
A1453 – iPhone 5S (CDMA)
A1533 – iPhone 5S (GSM + CDMA)

A1507, A1529 – iPhone 5C (GSM)
A1456 – iPhone 5C (CDMA)

A1532 – iPhone 5C (GSM + CDMA)

A1428 – iPhone 5 GSM (standard GSM model in USA for AT&T, T-Mobile, etc)
A1429 – iPhone 5 GSM & CDMA (normal CDMA model in USA, Verizon, Sprint, etc)
A1442 – iPhone 5 CDMA China

A1387 – iPhone 4S, CDMA & GSM
A1431 – iPhone 4S GSM China

A1349 – iPhone 4 CDMA
A1332 – iPhone 4 GSM

A1325 – iPhone 3GS China
A1303 – iPhone 3GS (GSM only)

A1324 – iPhone 3G China
A1241 – iPhone 3G (GSM only)

A1203 – iPhone (Original model, GSM only)

Warning : Your last chance to jailbreak iOS 8.x IS RUNNING OUT OF TIME QUITE SOON.

Apple has patched pangu jailbreak tool in iOS 8.1.1 and seeding this version to developers. It means once the iOS 8.1.1 is released then your chance to jailbreak iOS 8.x IS OVER IF YOU ARE NOT RUNNING iOS 8.0 - 8.1

BECAUSE ONCE iOS 8.1.1 is released then Apple will not allow you to restore the any previous versions 8.0 - 8.1, so i recommend you to restore the current version iOS 8.1 for the sake of your jailbroken iDevices.
And we don't know yet if Pangu team has another exploit for the iOS 8.1.1

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pangu untether 0.3 has been released

Pangu untether 0.3 has been released with a fix of many background process which is running in the background which making your iDevices getting hot and battery drainning dramatically.

For those of you who already jailbreak, all you need to do is just go to cydia and update Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untethere to version 0.3

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Khmer Smart Keyboard for iOS8

Khmer Smart Keyboard is the best khmer keyboard for the iOS8.x and you can find it on the AppStore for free.

Its way of usage is very simple and useful with these following :

. To delete a character you just simply swipe to the left on your keyboard
. To change keyboard layout just swipe to the right on your keyboard.
. Swipe down on a key to choose the lower one character on the keypad
. Swipe up on a key to choose another character on the other keyboard layout

Note : Don't forget to swipe left, right, up and down on a key, it makes differences.!!!

ReachAll Cydia Tweak

The new iOS 8 has brought the new feature called Reachability and the feature can be triggered by double tap on your touch-id home button to slide down your screen for the reach of your thumb which is only available for the iPhone5s, iPhone6 and 6+ , however there is a possibility to bring this feature to all the jailbroken iDevices with the iOS 8.x by a tweak called ReachAll.

The instruction is simple just go to cydia and install the tweak ReachAll, after the installation you can find its setting to configure the action to trigger the feature in the setting.

Note : for the jailbroken iOS7 you can try Reachability7

Friday, October 31, 2014

Jailbreak iOS8 - 8.x with Pangu

Pangu has just released a version to untethered jailbreak iOS8.x with a possibility to install Cydia, which is supported with these following devices :

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S
iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2
iPad mini, Retina iPad mini
iPod touch 5G

And before jailbreaking you should backup your iDevices, update iTunes to the latest one, go to setting > Passcode Lock on > Turn Passcode off

And follow these steps :

Step 1 : Download Pangu from

Step 2 : Download your firmware from this link

Step 3 : Launch iTunes > Connect your iDevice to your iTunes > Back up your iDevices > Shift + Restore (Windows) Option + Restore (Mac) > Select your firmware which you downloaded in Step 2 > Wait till the restoration finished.

Step 4 : Go to disable Passcode and Find my iPhone in your setting.

Step 5 : Go to pangu which you downloaded in Step 1, right click and choose " Run as administrator"

Step 6 : You should see this screen 

Step 7 : Uncheck the check box and clik on the blue botton and waiting till the process is finished, nomarlly it takes from 5 to 10 minutes, after that you should see the pangu app on your springboard

Step 8 : Click on Pangu app and install cydia from there.

Enjoy !!