Thursday, June 16, 2011

[Crack] BiteSMS 5.3

* Quick Reply now shows MMS picture(s).
* Quick Reply pull-down curtain also shows MMS pictures.
* In Quick Reply, for MMS pictures simply tap to view in full screen (on lock and unlock screens), tap to return. zoom in, out, scroll etc.
* Improved Quick Reply, such that the text field grows as you type more lines.
* Added 'Auto-Forward SMS' feature, redirect your incoming SMS messages to another phone!
* Added 'Repeat Alert' option in biteSMS > Settings > Ringtones (Once, Twice....10 Times).
* Added 'Open to List' feature (when pressing biteSMS icon, the conversation list only will open).
* Added 'Auto Show Recents' feature in Quick Compose. See biteSMS > Settings > Quick Compose.

* Added 'Quick Switch' menu feature when long holding on the [send] button.
* Added 'Mark all Read' feature in Quick Reply and Compose for the pull down Previous Messages feature.
* biteSMS now properly supports the 'Large Text' feature in Apple Settings > Accessibility.
* When long holding a bubble to show the timestamp we show the text in orange for TextFreek sent and received messages (for new messages only).
* Added a new Quick Reply setting 'Show MMS'. This is to allow those users on carrier networks (e.g. AT&T) to turn off MMS in Quick Reply as it causes an issue with Group messaging.
* Added a paste feature to Quick Compose in the 'To:' field.
* Send from command line (log in as mobile user):
/Applications/ -send [-carrier|-bite] to_address text_msg
For example: /Applications/ -send -bite +6151846910 "hello mum"
* Performance improvements inside the biteSMS application.
* Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Download 5.3 Cracked : Official

Please uninstall any previous version of biteSMS and respring before installing this!!!

If you encountered any issue of Cydia crashes caused by "overinstalling" instead of "uninstall previous - install new", just do this:
- Respring
- Via SSH or MobileTerminal type this:
su root[ Enter your root password (default is: alpine) ]

dpkg -r bitesms

- You'll get an error messagge
- Open Cydia, it will notice you that there's a half installed package (biteSMS). Select to forcibly clear it.
- Respring
- Install biteSMS 5.3
- Respring


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