Friday, December 16, 2011

FIX Battery draining after updated to Mac OS X Lion

I hace noticed that the battery performance of my macbook draining after upgrade to Mac Os Lion,

I have searched and exploring on the cloud to find the root of the issue, many folks post about this issue on the internet that their macbook is getting slow, battery draining and getting so hot !!!!

finally i have collected few solutions for the above issues which is instructed as following :

. Disabling Spotlight :
Launch Terminal and type the following:sudo nano /etc/hostconfig
Navigate using the arrow keys down the following entry:SPOTLIGHT=-YES-
Save /etc/hostconfig by hitting Control-O and the return key, next hit Control-X to exit the nano editor
Next, you’ll want to disable the index by typing the following in the Terminal:
mdutil -i off /
And to erase the current Spotlight index, type:mdutil -E /
That’s pretty much it, on your next reboot, Spotlight will be completely disabled.

. Reset Power Manager :
1. Turn off the computer.
2. Hold down Ctrl+Option+shift
3. While holding down these button, press and hold the power button as well.
4. Hold all buttons for at least ten seconds.
5. power back on the computer.


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