Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to Fix White or Missing Icons After Jailbreaking with Absinthe

Some users reported they enconter weird things when they jailbreaking their iPhone 4S with Absinthe, sometimes displaying white icons or even transparent icons for certain applications. Here is an easy way to fix it.Their is not a explain for that bugs, but to fix this problem, you can just simply download iWipe Cache from Cydia, and run the app. According to the app description, iWipe Cache allows you to:

Clear your SpringBoard Cache to ensure all images from any theme will work with WinterBoard. Due to Winterboard being very out of date, It does not clear springboard cache. This app will clear your cache, allowing new masks and overlays to be applied to Icons.

As you can see, iWipe Cache was apparently developed to fix WinterBoard problems, but since it I don’t have WinterBoard installed on my iPhone 4S, I know for sure my blank icons issues aren’t due to this app.

Additionally, it seems that doing a respring temporarily fixes the problem. Respringing hasn’t proven very effective in my case, which is why I recommend the iWipe Cache option, over a simple respring.


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