Monday, October 17, 2011

List of iOS5 compatible Cydia apps and tweaks as of 15/10/2011

1 3G Unrestrictor 2.3.1-1 Yes
2 5-Row Keyboard ------- No Installs fine, doesn't work.
3 60 Second Lock Screen -------Yes
4 Action Menu 1.2.5 -------Yes Just updated.
5 Action Menu Plus Pack -------1.2.3 Yes
6 ActionBoard -------Yes Compatible from the ground up (newly released tweak)
7 Activator 1.5.7 -------Yes Just updated.
8 AdBlocker -------Yes Just updated.
9 AndroidLock XT 2.4 -------Yes Works, however removes the lockscreen camera icon
10 App Switcher Brightness -------Yes
11 App Switcher Ringer -------Partially Changes media volume, not ringer volume
12 AppBackup 2.0.2-1 -------Yes
13 AppLinks -------N/A Should work, basically just an app
14 AppSlide -------N/A Should work, only needs Activator
16 APT 0.7 HTTPS Method ------- Yes
17 Ask to send -------N/A
18 AskToCall -------Yes Working so far
19 AttachmentSaver -------N/A
20 Autolock SBSettings -------Yes
21 Backgrounder -------N/A Maybe - According to an old Google Docs list I found it works, but according to @ashikasethe developer it doesn't yet, but will be worked on
22 Barrel 1.5.8-1 Yes -------Just updated.
23 BatteryDetective 1.1.0-1 -------Yes
24 biteSMS -------Partially Currently in beta for iOS5 comatibility. Beta 8 works great.
25 Black Keyboard -------Yes Can be a little buggy
26 Bolt 0.6 -------Yes Just updated.
27 Browser Changer 1.6-1 -------Yes
28 BTStack -------N/A
29 Call InfoFields -------No Installs, but doesn't do anything
30 CallBar 6/1/2011 -------Yes Just updated
31 Calltell Partially Works flawlessly other than when receiving an iMessage.
32 CameraWallpaper -------No works but make the SpringBoard get stuck
33 Celeste -------No Released for iOS 5
34 CleanStatus -------Partially hide section on status bar but not what you want
35 CleverPin -------Yes
36 Clock Plugin for LockInfo -------Partially Although the header works, the calender itself doesn't
37 Color Mail Labels 1.0-26 -------Yes
38 ColorKeyboard -------N/A
39 Cydelete 2.0.5-1 -------Yes
40 Cyntact -------No The contact list doen't show any Picture on the left Side
41 Delete Word 1.4 -------No Crashes when you press the Shift button
42 DietBar 0.1-1 -------Yes
43 Dimmer -------Yes Works Great
44 DisplayOut -------Yes
45 Dock 2.1 -------Yes
46 Double At -------Yes
47 Dreamboard -------Yes Works Fine
48 Dynamic Table Strip 1.0 -------Partially Works in Contacts/Phone, not in iPod YET, developer said he will fix it
49 EZDecline 1.1 -------Yes
50 f.lux -------Yes Nice one ;)
51 FakeCarrier -------Yes
52 FakeClockUp 0.2-1 -------Yes
53 FakeLocation -------No
54 FastCopy 1.0 -------Partially
55 Fastr -------Yes
56 Firewall iP -------Yes Just updated.
57 Five collum SB 1.1.2 -------Yes
58 Five Icon Dock -------Yes
59 Five Icon Switcher -------Yes
60 FolderCloser 1.1 -------Yes
61 FolderEnhancer -------No Developer said he's working on it. Should take around 1-2 weeks from the public release of iOS 5
62 FolderLock -------Yes
63 FoldersInFolders -------No DON'T TRY! Crashes device. To avoid the need to restore - remove the tweak via SSH: Remove FoldersInFolders.dylib file located in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/
64 FullScreen for Safari -------Yes Just updated
65 Gridlock -------Yes SEE THIS NOTE: GridLock itself works, but it depends upon IconSupport, which DOES NOT at the moment. Thus, you shouldn't install this until you see that IconSupport works until iOS5.
66 GridTab for Safari -------N/A Should be compatible soon enough
67 GuizmOVPN -------Partially Installs fine and can connect to VPN, but you don't know when because no icon instatusbar
68 HapticPro -------Yes
69 HeadingLock for Maps -------N/A
70 HomePage -------Yes
71 Homescreen Settings -------No Crashing while launce the shortcut
73 iBlank -------Partially it creates blank icons but the theme to remove the shadows doesn't work furthermore you will notbe able to respring your device.
74 iCallAnnounce -------N/A
75 Iconoclasm -------N/A
76 IconSupport -------Yes This is a dependency for many icon-atrering tweaks, like GridLock, Infinifolder etc. I've been notified that it was updated. Didn't test it myself. Clarification: the updated version for iOS5 is in BETA at the moment.
77 iFile 1.6.1-1 -------Yes
78 iLocalis -------N/A
79 Infinidock -------No
80 Infinifolders -------No
82 Instant Mirror -------Yes
83 Intelliscreen -------No Crash
84 IP Blocker -------Yes Just updated
85 iPhone Modem -------Yes
86 iPicMyContacts -------No
87 iRealSMS -------Yes Publicly released version compatible with iOS5. Eliminates the user's ability to send MMS messages <- Please confirm this.
88 iRetina 4+ SBSetting Theme -------Yes
89 iRetiner GUI 2.0 -------Yes Resprings after updating the icons instead of refreshing Springboard, but works nevertheless.
90 iSwipe 0.4.0 -------Yes Haven't picked up any bugs yet
91 KBShortcuts -------Yes
92 KeyVibrate N/A
93 Kill Background -------Yes
94 libstatusbar -------Yes
95 LinkSafe -------No Installs fine, doesn't work.
96 LiveClock -------No Crashes Immediately
97 Lock Calendar -------No Crashes Immediately
98 Lockdown Pro -------No Restarts to Safe Mode
99 LockGestures -------Partially only tap gestures work
100 LockInfo -------Partially Beta working just fine. Public release not available yet.
101 LockLauncher -------Yes
102 LockScreen Clock Hide -------No Puts you in a safe mode loop. Uninstalling fixes the problem.
103 LSRotator -------Partially camera icon glitch while double pressing home button, the rest work fine. noitifcation works fine
104 Manual Correct -------Yes
105 Manual Correct Pro -------Yes
106 Maps Enhancer 1.2/1.3------- No v1.2 Installs fine, won't load its preferences; v1.3 Installs fine, loads preferences, doesn't do anything. 107 Media Controller Brightness -------Yes
108 MissedCallOpening 0.1 -------Yes
109 Mobile Substrate 0.9.3901 -------Yes An update to protect from Notification Widgets out as well.
110 MobileTerminal 520-1 -------Yes v520-1 works
111 MultiCleaner -------No Should be compatible soon enough
112 Multiflow -------Yes Just updated.
113 MultiIconMover 1.0.4~b2-1 -------Partially There's currently a beta (released Oct. 14th) - download here: . Works fine from everyone I heard. Note: does not work for folders/apps inside folder (according to dev: requires FolderEnhancer, which is not yet supported on iOS5).
114 multislide -------Yes
115 MxTube -------Yes
116 My3G 5.0.11 -------Yes
117 Navigate From Maps 1.5 -------Yes Just updated.
118 No Clock Status 1.1-1 -------Partially Works, except in Cydia and Facebook (for some reason).
119 NoAccessorySplash -------No Still shows the accessory connected splash screen.
120 NoSpot 0.6 -------Yes
121 NoVoiceMail -------N/A
122 OpenNotifier -------No goes into a Safe Mode loop.
123 OpenNotifier Premium Pack -------N/A
124 OpenSSH 5.8p1-9 Yes
125 OverBoard -------Yes
126 PagePusher -------Yes
127 PasswordPilot 1.1-1 -------Yes Just updated.
128 PdaNet -------N/A
129 Phone GV Extension 1.2-1 -------Yes Developer updated after beta 1
130 PhotoAlbums+ -------No Installs but does not have any effect
131 PKGBackup 5.0.0 -------Yes Just updated.
132 PlayAwake -------N/A
133 PowerSaver -------Yes
134 Pull to Refresh for Mail 1.1-2 -------Yes Some have reported minor issues sometimes, I, for one, have found it to beworking perfectly.
135 PwnTunes -------No Installs but stuck while loading info on PC
136 QuickOpen 0.0.3 -------Yes
137 Random Icon Flip -------No Crashing upon entering SpringBoard
138 RemindMeLater -------No Developer said he's working on it. However, might take some time.
139 Remove Background 1.0-1 -------No Apps are not closed and the springboard crashes and restarts
140 RestoreTab for Safari -------No Installs fine. However, after going into the tab view of Safari, you can't open a new tab. Also, the buttons at the bottom tab of Safari disappear completely.
141 RetinaPad -------Yes Just updated
142 roqyBT4 -------Yes
143 Rotation Inhibitor -------N/A
144 SBBrightness -------N/A
145 SBRotator for iOS 4.x -------No Safe mode loop
146 SBSettings 5.1.3 -------Yes Now publicly supports iOS 5
147 ScreenDimmer -------Yes
148 Scrollingboard 2.5.0 -------Yes Just Updated. | In my testing the whole Springboard's animations were sluggish/very slow. Please confirm that this is a global issue or just on my device.
149 Serious SBSettings HD -------Yes Just updated
150 ShakeToUndo Killer -------N/A
151 ShowCase -------No
152 Shrink v0.9.8-3 -------No Confirmed | Errors: "Shrink v0.9.8-3 Your OS is not supported at this time."
153 Silent Vibrate SBSettings -------Yes
154 SleepDepriver 1.1 -------Yes
155 SlideAway -------Yes
156 SMS Counter 1.2 -------Yes
157 SMS GV Extension -------Yes Developer updated after beta 1
158 SMS+ -------Yes Just updated.
159 SMSEnhancer -------N/A
160 SpringFlash + SBSettings Toggle -------Yes Although flickers when first turned on
161 Springtomize -------No Coming soon
162 StartDial --------------No Installs, but doesn't do anything
163 StatusNotifier 0.2.10 -------No Breaks every other tweak.
164 StatusTweak -------Partially Works fixing the space between icons, however removing the AM/PM from time doesn't; animations don't work
165 StayOpened 1.5 -------Yes
166 StyleUnlock -------No Coming soon
167 SuperSlider -------Yes
168 SwipeToMoveCursor 0.5-1 -------Partially Works, but moves cursor two spaces instead of one.
169 SwitcherMod -------No Crashes when opening the switcher
170 SwitcherPlus -------No DON'T TRY! Causes reboot failure; must restore to stock
171 Toggle SSH 2.1 -------Yes
172 Transparent Statusbar for iOS4 -------Yes Works with Winterboard (i have a beta)
173 TruPrint 5.0.3 -------Yes Just updated.
174 ultrasn0w -------Yes Updated version - still only works on OLD Baseband. See the dev-team's note here:
175 UnlimTones -------Yes
176 User Agent Faker -------No Installs, can be configured from Settings, but doesn't work.
177 Veency -------Yes
178 Vibrafications -------No
179 WeatherIcon -------No
180 WiFI Booster 1.2 -------Yes
181 Winterboard 0.9.3900-1 ------- No. There's a testing version for designers, but it's not officially updated yet; wait a few days for the official release.
182 xBackup 0.4-1-1 -------No Crash
183 Xpandr -------N/A
184 YFiSelect4 -------No Installs but does not have any effect
185 YourTube -------N/A


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